Ministry Update: Dearborn, Michigan

Global Initiative led a team of six young adults on an exposure trip to Dearborn, MI, last week. The team spent three days immersed in culture learning and Muslim engagement.

Each morning was spent in culture learning. This included history of the ministry to Muslims in Dearborn, an introduction to Islam, and testimonies from Muslim background believers. Afternoons included prayer walks in various neighborhoods of Dearborn, a visit to a local mosque, learning about Arab American history and culture at the Arab American National Museum, and a tour of nearby downtown Detroit. Evenings were spent in local restaurants and cafes, where the team had several opportunities to engage with Muslims during or after iftar (breaking the fast during Ramadan)

The team with our hosts at iftar

The team with our hosts at iftar

The first evening the team had the opportunity to experience iftar with a young Muslim man known to the missionary hosts. On the spur of the moment he eagerly agreed to make arrangements for the team and himself at a local restaurant. He even provided a tray of pastries from a local bakery for dessert. The conversation centered on the practice of fasting and Ramadan and their importance to a Muslim, and the young man was open to the team’s questions about what he believes. While the conversation did not lead to an immediate sharing of the gospel, it is the prayer of the team that our dinner host would return to our missionary host for further conversation on what transpired between us that evening.

The following evening team members had the chance to apply what they learned in their Islam study earlier in the day, by talking about forgiveness, mercy and justice with two Bangladeshi young ladies and a young Sudanese man at a local cafe. Both conversations lasted for an hour or longer; the gospel was shared; and the time ended with prayers and the exchange of contact information and friendship via Facebook.

While the trip was short, we believed much was accomplished for the Kingdom. Many prayers were offered on Dearborn’s behalf; new relationships between Christians and Muslims were started that we believe will be fruitful for the gospel; and hearts and minds were opened to the opportunity and need to reach Muslims in America.

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One Response to “Ministry Update: Dearborn, Michigan”

  1. Kelly Kafir says:

    You will find that “Muslim engagement” is a one way bridge… it is for dawah and once they realize that you are not going to “revert” to Islam, they will not be so receptive. Yes, we need to speak with Muslims but in embracing things like Iftar, you are submitting. I really hope that you realize that Chrislam is a lie. There is no forgiveness in Islam. Even Mohammad didn’t know if he would make it to paradise. There are only two “angels” keeping track of your deeds and you hope that Allah is just and merciful. There is NO guarantee of salvation in Islam. They will tell you that they believe in Jesus (Issa) and that they have to be Christians to be good Muslims – that too is a lie. There is no such thing as a Messianic Muslim which is a new tactic too.

    I am alarmed at what I am seeing the AG doing.

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