The Holy Spirit is on the move in Europe among Muslim immigrants!

Recently I attended a gathering of our Assemblies of God missionaries who are serving throughout the European continent. The Spirit of God is moving in unique ways among Muslim immigrants in Europe. As immigrants risk their lives trying to find peace in a new land, they are discovering eternal peace that comes through Christ alone!

As these new Europeans settle into life in their new land, the opportunity to share the Gospel increases. In their displacement and disillusionment with Islam, they are open to hearing the message of Christ!

While immigration comes with sociological and political complications, both in Europe and in the U.S., the Spirit of God is using the opportunity to awaken Muslims to their need for Jesus. Conservatively speaking, within the past three years, over 20,000 Muslims have accepted Christ and been baptized. That is cause to pause and thank the Lord for His love and mercy!

Outreach to Muslims is taking place in Italy, Macedonia, Austria, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Germany, Holland, Finland, and France. Other locations are also seeing a mighty move of God, but due to sensitivity of refugee camps, these locations cannot be identified. Allow me to highlight some of the diverse ways outreach is taking place:

  • Churches have been planted with specific outreach to refugees. One such is called “House of Refuge.”
  • Several International Church Fellowships have become a natural place for refugees to connect with diverse people.
  • In locations where ministry to Muslim refugees has been in operation for an extended length of time, ethnic churches have been established.
  • In cooperation with established NGOs, missionaries gain initial contact with new refugees to meet their immediate felt needs.
  • While refugees are in transit, missionaries are also able to work in established refugee camps.

Through these various outreaches, men and women from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are coming to faith in Christ. A number of Muslims from North African nations have also been baptized. We believe this represents the tip of the iceberg for a great harvest of souls for the Kingdom of God.

As these new converts transition into churches, discipleship of new believers becomes paramount. To assist in this discipleship process, Global Initiative is providing resources and training to missionaries and the local church to make sure these new Muslim converts get established in their new faith in Christ.

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