Expanding Outreach to Muslims in Kosovo!

In March 1999, during the war of Kosovo, over 500,000 refugees flooded into Albania. Many of them traveled for days on foot with very little food and water and passing through dangerous checkpoints. Wives were forced to witness the killing of their husbands and children saw their parents executed. In response to the influx of refugees, Kurt and Stephanie Plagenhoef, Assemblies of God missionaries, began a refugee camp and took in several hundred Kosovar Albanians. Many of these Muslims came from the war-ton city of Mitrovia and had never met a true follower of Christ.

After the war ended, the Plagenhoefs continued their spiritual and humanitarian work with the refugees. During this time, God laid it on their hearts to plant a church in the city of Mitrovica—a city of over 80,000 people with no gospel witness! There are less than 10 known believers in Mitrovia, and on a larger scale, 99 percent of the 40 million people in the Balkans have no gospel witness.

We can easily ignore these events of years gone by, but our Heavenly Father longs for the Muslims of Kosovo to know the truth of His Son! Twenty years later, the people of Kosovo are still living in spiritual darkness without hope for a better future—both now and, more importantly, for eternity! The Plagenhoef’s God-given dream to see a church planted in Mitrovica is being fulfilled. After twenty years of persistent prayer, God has raised up an apostolic couple to plant a church in Mitrovica. Avni and Dafina,* graduates of the Evangelical Theological College in Tirana, Albania, are opening up The Hope Center in Mitrovica.

The Hope Center will be a place for the people of Kosovo to find hope in Jesus Christ! As a place of outreach, the center will include a children’s play area, a youth recreation center, food kitchen for the poor, and a coffee house. Jesus often met the physical and social needs of people, while He proclaimed the truth about himself and addressed their spiritual needs. This is what will take place through the Hope Center. As Avni and Dafina establish this place of hope for the people of Mitrovica, Global Initiative will support them by designating this month’s financial gifts to the Hope Center for the establishment of the church among Muslims of Kosovo. We would also ask that you intercede for this ministry so that spiritual strongholds will be broken and lives transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for your faithful commitment to this ministry and for your heart to see Muslims reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

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