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Gratiana, a student at Evangel University in Springfield, traveled with a Global Initiative mobilization team to New York City on her spring break. Her exposure to the world in NYC continues to challenge her:

IMG_0170“I didn’t really know what to expect on this trip. I loved connecting with the girls on the team, talking with [the GI team leader], meeting the volunteers at the centers, and of course helping the women with their English. I loved how NYC didn’t really feel like America. It wasn’t what I expected but in the best way possible.
“Visiting the mosque affirmed in me that Jesus is the only way. It affirmed that the way to reach Muslims with the gospel is through the witness of our lives lived in love and joy, followed by speaking truth. I need to spend more time with Jesus and less time occupied by other things that bring no lasting fruit. I need to learn to love better, to love like Jesus.
“I can’t thank you enough for this chance to go to NYC. It was eye opening and transformative. The more I reflect, the more it changes and challenges me!”

How Can You Know?

Perhaps you are still deciphering the call of God. Maybe you hear the words “missions” and “Muslims” but are unsure where to start. The missionary educators of Global Initiative offer some of their favorite resources to help you clarify that call as you pray.


Explore What It Means to BE
from IMB (FREE!)


From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya
Ruth A. Tucker

Book-Jerusalem to Irian Jaya

Let the Nations Be Glad!
John Piper

Book-Let the Nations

Live Dead Journal
Dick Brogden, Editor

Live Dead Journal

Miniskirts, Mothers & Muslims
Christine A. Mallouhi


Silk Road Stories
Compiled by Mark & Lynda Hausfeld

Silk Road

Through the Eyes of Christ
Harry Morin and Nikki Arana

Book-Through the Eyes

Woman to Woman
Joy Loewen

Book-Woman to Woman

In the Gap
David Bryant

In the Gap



Mobilizing a Generation for Missions

“The 19th century was the heroic age of missions. It produced some of the greatest heroes that the Christian faith has ever seen. Yet churches were only sending a small number of missionaries.” Read more

How Can We Help?

The Global Initiative Mobilization Team is here to equip and mobilize university students and young adults to reach Muslims in their community and around the U.S. and the world.

If you are unfamiliar with Islam, Muslims are a mysterious people. They have religious and cultural differences, so where do you start? How do you minimize offense? How do you understand the crises a follower of Islam faces? Global Initiative is training us on how to prepare the soil so that we have a most bountiful harvest among these people for whom we are burdened. Global Initiative has not just educated us on where the Muslim is coming from but also on what our hidden prejudices are that we didn’t realize. Muslims rightfully belong to Jesus, and He wants them back, and we get to help.

Steve Taylor
Sam Houston State University Chi Alpha


Global Initiative comes to your university campus or young adult ministry to train you to reach Muslims through actions and words. Learn what Muslims believe, be moved with compassion for the Muslim world, and respond prayerfully to the Holy Spirit.


Global Initiative is currently planning opportunities for 2015 for university students, young adult ministries, and Chi Alpha teams to engage Muslims in both overseas and stateside contexts. These Exposure Trips are designed to give you insight into the Muslim world and to create a vision for ministry while showing Christ to Muslims in their contexts.

Contact the Mobilization Team for more on campus visits and exposure trips.

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