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The Jumaa Prayer Fellowship is a global, organized prayer movement dedicated to interceding for the Muslim world. Every Friday, over 60,000 people in 81 nations join in prayer together for the souls of Muslims. Join us!

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Form your own Jumaa Prayer Group!

WHO: Anyone can fast and pray alone if they don’t have a group to gather with. However, it would be ideal to meet with a group of committed Christians on a regular basis! WHEN: Most Jumaa prayer groups meet at noon on Fridays to fast and pray for the salvation of Muslims around the world, but your group can meet at any time. HOW: Here is a possible format for your group:

  • Divide your prayer time into various emphases. Begin with an opening prayer time, seeking to shut out the distractions of the world, quiet your hearts before the Lord, and prepare yourselves for this important ministry of intercession.
  • Read the Jumaa prayer requests for the week.
  • Ask members of the group to lead out in prayer for each request, or the group can pray corporately for all of the needs.
  • Remember to pray for: – missionaries working among Muslims – Muslim converts – persecuted Christians – Muslim women – Muslim children – World events and world leaders, especially Islamic leaders – Specific countries – Muslims in your community, including friends and acquaintances of prayer group members

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