The Jonah Initiative

Nineveh has more than 120,000 people
who cannot tell their right hand from their left…
Should I not be concerned about that great city? (Jonah 4:11)

The Muslim world is our present day Nineveh. 1.5 billion Muslims don’t know Jesus as Savior. Should we not be concerned for them?

jonah initiative copyA pastor attending a recent Jonah Initiative told of a very creative way that two men are sharing their faith with Muslims – via taxi! When their Muslim passengers enter the cab, these taxi drivers start a conversation with questions that immediately get to the heart of their spiritual need. Supplied with tracts and Bibles in their local language, the men give Scriptures to those who are interested.

In a Jonah Initiative training, over one hundred participants came to have their hearts changed and minds prepared. At the conclusion, a scheduled fifteen-minute prayer time turned into one and a half hours. The Holy Spirit touched their hearts with compassion for the lost Muslims among their countrymen. One by one they continued crying out on behalf of Muslims living in their cities.

It is not easy or natural to love those who harass, mock, beat, and even kill fellow Christians simply because of their faith. But when the Holy Spirit touches and changes hearts, then the love of Jesus can be shown, even to one’s “enemies.” This is what the Holy Spirit is doing in the hearts and lives of our friends in Eurasia. You know change is coming when people begin to intercede on behalf of their enemies.

Every year The Jonah Initiative helps Christians:

  • Learn about Islam and its teachings,
  • Know how Muslims live and what they believe,
  • Understand that Christ died for Muslims also, and
  • Realize that the Great Commission includes Muslims.

The Jonah Initiative exists to challenge, train, prepare and empower evangelists and church planters to proclaim Christ to the Muslim world.

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