GI Team – Beautiful Encounters

Now that we’re all rested from our time at the Assemblies of God General Council, we want to share some of our thoughts and perceptions from that amazing time!

Many parents and their youth came by the booth and we asked them, “Do you have any Muslim friends or do you know of Muslims in your school?”  All of them said, “Yes, we do have Muslims in their schools or in our neighborhoods.” They were very interested to hear how to minister to them and show them Christ’s love.

One mother came by the booth with her daughter and we shared with them about the Say Hello booklet and how Muslim women need to be reached out to. The mother started to cry. She shared how her daughter has made friends with a Muslim girl and she has been in their home many times. They have tried to find ways to befriend her and show the love of Christ to the whole family. The mother said, “This is a God thing, by us coming to your exhibit and finding these resources.” By that time, the daughter was crying also. We took time to pray with them and gave them all our resources. God is bringing Muslims to Christians or Christians to Muslims so that they can encounter Christ.
– Mark

I had a great conversation with a mom and high school daughter who?s community has many Muslim people. We simply encouraged them to step out, smile, say hello 🙂 and begin with a friendship where Jesus can be talked about. We also have them our Say Hello 7 day devotional. It was simple… but the whole point at the same time.
– Lauren