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Persistent Proclamation in Pakistan!

I recently had the privilege of returning to Pakistan to do training through the Jonah Initiative. I am always humbled and pleased to see the incredible commitment of our brothers and sisters in Christ who live in the midst of persecution from Muslims. The church has learned that the power of the gospel comes from both persuasion and prayer. Without prayer, they know there is no hope to see their Muslims neighbors accept Jesus as the Truth! In one of our South Asian training locations, a pastor shared how he and other AG pastors have been holding Jumaa Prayer Fellowship…

Sufism and the Beloved

What is Sufism? We’re going deep into the mystical sect of Islam today! Be sure to like, rate, and subscribe!   

If You’re in the Area: Muslim Awareness Seminar

Dr. Mark Hausfeld and Rev. Darrell Pack will be presenting a Muslim Awareness Seminar on Saturday, November 2 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at: Connection Point Church 2541 McCormick Road West Lafayette, IN 47906 For more information, call (765) 463-0956.

News: AG Pastor Arrested in Iran

Assemblies of God World Missions issued this news yesterday: Security forces in Iran arrested Pastor Robert Asserian yesterday, May 21, after disrupting a morning prayer service in progress at Central Assembly of God in Tehran. Before going to the church, authorities raided Pastor Asserian’s home where they confiscated a computer and several books. They then found Pastor Asserian at the church leading the prayer service, immediately arrested him, and announced the church’s imminent closure. At last report, the pastor’s whereabouts are unknown. “I had the privilege of meeting Pastor Asserian a couple of years ago,” said Dr. George O. Wood,…

From Say Hello: Approaching American Muslim Women

We wanted to share a recent post from Say Hello: Serving Muslim Women. Our stereotypes of Muslim women, particularly those who convert to Islam from other faiths, can hinder our friendships with them. We approach our relationships with Muslim women like we would approach any other friendship: unassumingly, with openness and great anticipation. Read this recent story from “Not ‘brainwashed’: American Women Who Converted to Islam Speak Out” The American Muslim women in this story have encountered stereotypes and harsh accusations in the years following their decision to convert to Islam, and most appear to brush those off. One woman,…

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