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Coffee Break Announcement!

Global Initiative Coffee Break is taking a… coffee break? Terrible jokes aside, we’re taking a seasonal hiatus, so if you haven’t subscribed, now is a great time to do so! You’ll want to make sure that you stay connected so you won’t miss out when we come back. As always, thanks for listening, and we’ll have more Coffee Breaks together soon!  

Sufism and the Beloved

What is Sufism? We’re going deep into the mystical sect of Islam today! Be sure to like, rate, and subscribe!   

The Gift of Righteousness

What makes a person righteous? Is sincerity and keeping the law enough? We’ll hear from Harry Morin as he explains the Muslim view of righteousness, and how Jesus is the only one who can help us achieve that goal! Join us in prayer for Ramadan! Be sure to like, rate, and subscribe!   

The Signs of Islam’s Last Day

We’re continuing with the theme from last week’s podcast, and talking about key figures from the Islamic view of end times today. Tune in as Harry Morin explains! Ramadan is coming up, and we’d love for you to join us in prayer! Check out and for special requests. We’ll be giving these requests a signal boost every day through Jumaa Prayer as well. Like, rate, and subscribe!   

Jesus the Judge

When Christians think about the day of Judgment, we usually think about being with Jesus forever and worshipping in God’s presence, but for our Muslim friends, the day of Judgment is a terrifying day of punishment. In today’s podcast, Harry has a way that we can introduce Jesus into this conversation. Join us in prayer during Ramadan! We’re following along with and Like, rate, subscribe, and share!   

The Gospel of Barnabas

Has your Muslim friend ever mentioned the Gospel of Barnabas? This text is believed by some Muslims to have been excluded from the Bible, and some believe that is proves that Jesus is not the Messiah. Join us as Harry Morin explains what the Gospel of Barnabas is, and how we can respond to our Muslim friends.     

The Movement of People

Can you recall a time that God brought someone into your life so you could share Christ with them? Well, Daryl Grasinger is discussing that on a global scale in today’s podcast. Has God led Muslims into your life for you to befriend?

Insider Movements

If you’ve heard the term “insider movements”, you may be familiar with the controversy surrounding this form of evangelism. We have Fred Farrokh to give us a detailed explanation and his own perspective, as well as some resources! Resources: Websites International Journal of Frontier Missiology ( Books Insider Movements: Biblically Incredible or Incredibly Brilliant? – Jeff Morton Chrislam: How Missionaries Are Promoting an Islamized Gospel – Edited by Joshua Lingel, Jeff Morton, & Bill Nikides A Theological Analysis of the Insider Movement Paradigm from Four Perspectives: Theology of Religions, Revelation, Soteriology and Ecclesiology – Doug Coleman Be sure…

Jesus The Healer

The identity of Jesus is a core tenet of our faith but, as we discussed in our last podcast, Declaring the Deity of Christ, our Muslim friends view Jesus in a different light. Harry Morin is back to give us more tips on ways to share the true identity of Jesus! Be sure to rate and subscribe!   

Declaring the Deity of Christ

As Christians, we believe in the full divinity of Jesus, but how can you share with a Muslim friend that Jesus was more than just a prophet? Be sure to subscribe and give us a rating! Here’s where you can find us:

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