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GI Team – Beautiful Encounters

Now that we’re all rested from our time at the Assemblies of God General Council, we want to share some of our thoughts and perceptions from that amazing time! Many parents and their youth came by the booth and we asked them, “Do you have any Muslim friends or do you know of Muslims in your school?”  All of them said, “Yes, we do have Muslims in their schools or in our neighborhoods.” They were very interested to hear how to minister to them and show them Christ’s love. One mother came by the booth with her daughter and we…

Spiritual Freedom from Islam – A Presentation by Dr. Mark Durie

If you’re in the Springfield, MO area, we invite you to join us for the “Spiritual Freedom From Islam” seminar, presented by Dr. Mark Durie and hosted by the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary! Event Details: January 24, 2017 8:30-12:00pm Tickets: $15 per person (pre-registration is required) Coffee, refreshments, and lunch will be provided. Limited seating is available for this event, so click below to register! All participants are also welcome to join us for an afternoon workshop (1-4pm) on Discipleship of Muslims Who Are Turning to Christ. This afternoon session will cover women’s issues, theological issues, and leadership issues.

The #2020 Campaign – The End!

Well, last Friday was the end of our #2020 Campaign! Thanks to all those who shared their stories with us, and we hope that you were encouraged and inspired! Did you learn something new, make a new friend, or commit to praying for Muslims? Share your thoughts in the comments! If you missed a day or two, or if you’d just like to share a video that you loved with a friend, head over to our YouTube playlist and if you’d like to help Global Initiative create more immersive video experiences like #2020, consider donating here!

The #2020 Campaign: September 5 – September 30!

Follow the #2020 Campaign on Facebook, Twitter, or check back here every day for updates to the #2020 playlist!

30 Days of Prayer – starting June 6, 2016!

Ramadan begins on June 6, 2016, and we’ll be praying along with the 25th annual “30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World” from! You can download an abbreviated copy here, or you can order the complete booklet from

GI Current – Paris and the European Refugee Effort

We’re interviewing our representative in Europe, Craig Mathison, LIVE today at 2pm! Join in below: Did you miss the live stream? You can catch the video on our YouTube channel! Here are the resources Mark mentioned in the broadcast: An Appeal For a Realistic View of Islam Visit for weekly prayer requests Download the Jumaa Prayer Fellowship app

Changing Lives Through Literacy!

“And when they give the book to one who cannot read, saying, ‘Read this,’ he says, ‘I cannot read.” Isaiah 29:12 (ESV) The verse above is the key Scripture for the Woman Urdu Literacy program that operates in the bastees (slums) of Islamabad, Pakistan. We introduced you to this program last November, and asked for your financial help in launch the first training, set to begin this past February. Thanks to your generosity, 72 students successfully completed the six-month training in July, and another training will begin in October! The classes teach basic literacy and math, and Biblical literature is…

Join Us on Our Pilgrimage!

In 2014, we asked: Of those who do not intentionally interact, 70% said that they don’t know how, or were unaware of the opportunities. But opportunities are all around us… we just need to know how to respond. Our Pilgrimage is a prayer journey, beginning on June 18th, which will teach us, train us, and equip us to love, pray for, and reach out to Muslims right where we live. In 30 days, we will: Highlight a different Muslim people group every day. Hear encouraging stories from people who have lived and worked with Muslims around the world. Read “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus“,…

Pray for Nigeria

On January 3, 2015, Islamist terror group Boko Haram launched what some are calling the group’s deadliest attack to date in Borno, a northern province in Nigeria. The town of Baga and several surrounding villages found themselves under siege in the early morning hours, as the militants rode into town with rocket launchers, shooting citizens as they ran and burning homes to the ground with occupants still inside. The death toll is estimated to be as high as 2,000 people, many of whom still lie where they fell as emergency personnel cannot safely approach the area to offer aid or bury the victims….

Resources: The Summer Institute for Islamic Studies

Established in 2009, the Center for Islamic Studies at AGTS prepares women and men to be thoroughly discipled to engage and plant the church among the 1.6 billion Muslims around the world. “The Center for Islamic Studies (CIS) was established to provide an undergraduate and graduate educational context, taught by practitioners/scholars, where mission and ministry to Muslim peoples is studied, reflected upon, and implemented through AGTS graduates,” says Global Initiative International Director Dr. Mark Hausfeld who also serves as the director for the Center of Islamic Studies at AGTS. AGTS and the Center for Islamic Studies is unique in two ways,…

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