“They are waiting for our friendships!”

This year’s #2020 Campaign is focusing on the work of Say Hello: Serving Muslim Women! Come back every day this month for guest posts and videos highlighting their ministry!

Christian women get to know Jesus, but most Muslim women have never once heard that He loves them. By helping Christian women worldwide step into friendship with Muslims, Say Hello also initiates Muslim women’s journeys to Jesus.

A Say Hello woman shared, “Through my Muslim friendships, I’ve been able to see a Muslim woman’s face soften and her eyes fill with tears when I tell her that she is loved and that she’s special.”

Leyla* attended church with another Say Hello friend. Communion was to be served at the service, and the Christian woman explained to Leyla that she should not partake until she understood its meaning. After the service, the Christian friend shared the good news about Jesus’ great love for Leyla. In broken English, Leyla loudly cried out, “I want! I want!” She met Jesus that very day.

Muslim women comprise more than one-tenth of all the world’s population! There are at least 850 million other Leyla’s who have yet to hear an adequate presentation of the Gospel! They are waiting for our friendships. They are waiting for our words. They are waiting to hear the truth about Jesus. 

Our Say Hello team feels the urgency every day to end their waiting. And it’s our deep joy to partner together as we serve the Lord by serving them.  After all the Lord has done for us, how could we not share the good news of Jesus with everyone who still waits to hear it?

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