The Spirit continues to call Romanians to reach Muslims!

“Feeling sorry and having a deep pain, seeing how [Muslims] live in darkness. I have an open heart towards them, strong wishes to see Christ changing their lives. Urgent involvement!” 

After a recent Jonah Initiative training, that was a Romanian student’s response to the question: “What did God speak to you regarding reaching Muslims with the gospel?” Another student responded, “Yes! I am convinced God calls me to share the gospel with Muslims.”

We are grateful to God that His Spirit is still leading Romanians to reach Muslims! Romania is a unique country that God has raised up to impact the Muslim world. Romanians have lived under adverse governments. In their most recent history, they’ve been delivered from the dictatorial leadership of Communism. The church, as in many communist countries, suffered much during that period, but through their sufferings, they have developed a resilience of faith and are following the call of God to difficult places.

Romanians have discovered a unique opportunity in Western Europe. Since the fall of communism, many Romanians have relocated to such countries as Denmark, Italy, Austria, and France. With the recent migration of Muslim refugees from the Middle East to Western Europe, this has created a great opportunity for gospel witness. 

Several of the students who attended the Jonah Initiative training in Romania now live and work in Europe and specifically came to learn how to reach Muslims who live and work in their communities. How else will these refugees be reached with the gospel? In many ways, the church in Western Europe has been slow to catch the vision of reaching out to these Muslim refugees. So, the Lord is sending and using Romanians! Truly, this gospel shall be preached to all peoples!

For the past seventeen years, Global Initiative has partnered with the Centre of Cross-Cultural Studies, a strategic missions center in Constanta, Romania, by providing professors for their six-week training focused on reaching Muslims. Over these years, we have had the privilege of seeing workers sent to many Muslim countries, including Indonesia, Afghanistan, India, and Bangladesh, as well as other Middle Eastern and African nations.

The Centre of Cross-Cultural Studies prepares students by providing the following courses: Introduction to Islam, Folk Islam, Ministry in an Islamic Context, Ministry to Muslim Women, Discipling Muslims, and Theological Differences between Christianity and Islam. In addition, we place a heavy emphasis on intercessory prayer. The training center is committed to the Jumaa Prayer Fellowship; they fast once a week and pray for Muslims each Friday. Students understand that without a commitment to fervent and consistent prayer they will not have an effective ministry to Muslims.

These students also understand the reality and challenges of the commitment they are making to follow Christ in ministry to Muslims. For instance, Alina* made the following statement after reading Afghanistan: My Tears (by David Leatherberry): “I confess. I wanted to go to a Muslim country but I was a bit afraid. In his book, the author said that if you get to know the people there and love them as God loves them, then you can defeat any fear. May God help me!”

Our call to reach Muslims isn’t always absent of fear, but as we step out in faith and build the bridge of relationship, our fears will dissipate. The Word of God reminds us that “perfect love [which is God’s love] casts out all fear.” When we are filled with God’s love for Muslims, it is easy to reach out in relationship. Will you join us in praying for these students as they share the gospel with Muslims? Their hearts are full of passion and desire for the Lord and they long to fulfill His call on their lives. 

Thank you again for your continued prayers and financial gifts, which enable us to prepare these dear men and women for the fields of harvest. Your partnership is critical for reaching Muslims still in darkness!

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