Testimony: ‘God prepared her for her ministry today.’

A Global Initiative trainer recently shared this testimony from a student overseas:

Erma comes from a traditional Muslim home. Some in the family are very devout while others are nominal and do not practice their faith at all. While attending high school, Erma became friends with a Christian girl who shared Christianity and Christ with her. Remembering her friend, Erma says, “She was a true follower of Christ and helped me in a loving way to see that Jesus was a Savior and friend.” Erma began investigating Jesus as questions about Islam and its teachings started to surface. She questioned all the rules and laws; she saw unfairness between the women and men; and she wondered about how she was only taught God’s anger.

One December night Erma turned on the radio and heard the Christmas carol “Silent Night.” As she listened, she felt warmth and a drawing to pursue this baby in the manager. She felt a peace that she never experienced before. These feelings confused her—and gave her a desire for a Bible. She knew being caught with a Bible would cause trouble so she continued her friendship with her classmate and just asked questions.

Time passed and Erma dated a Christian man. Eventually they married but it was a disaster. Christian in name only, he did not know Christ. He drank and abused her. He stayed away from home and gambled. She turned to the church and a pastor for help. The pastor lovingly nudged her to Jesus and through this disastrous marriage she found Jesus as her Savior.

A disciple of Christ for over twenty years now, Erma witnesses to all her Muslim friends. She finds many ladies in marriages such as she had and ministers to them. She sees that through all the struggles and hardships of her life, God prepared her for her ministry today. In a recent Jonah Initiative she shared that with the help of the courses she took, she can begin a small group meeting for Muslim ladies to gather and investigate the Scriptures together.

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