The Refugee Journey – Open Heart, Open Hands, Open Home

– first published on January 29, 2016
Abra su Corazón, Abra sus manos y Abra su casa.

“Has God been speaking to you on this refugee journey? What would it take…?”

  • To smile at someone from another country when you meet him or her in the supermarket, at school, in your community?
  • To say hello to a refugee you meet? (
  • To pray for refugees? To start a Jumaa Prayer Fellowship at your church to pray every Friday for Muslims? (
  • To donate household items?
  • To give food for a refugee family
  • To listen to a refugee’s story?
  • To learn about a refugee’s country, history, religion and culture?
  • To invite a refugee to your home for a meal?
  • To learn the refugee’s language?
  • To share your faith with a refugee?

One million refugees have come into Europe in 2015. Refugees will be coming to the United States, too. As the pictures continue to flood the nightly news, will you pray?

  • Pray that Muslim refugees will meet a Christian friend who will love them and tell them about Jesus. Pray for Jesus to appear to them in dreams and visions. Pray that they would experience answers to prayer, miracles and healing that they will know are from Jesus.
  • Pray for neighbors who will receive them. Pray for them as they adjust to this new life and culture. Pray that Jesus would lead them to exactly the place that He has marked out for them to live, so that they can come to know Him.


As Ray Bakke reminds us, “Jesus was born in a borrowed barn in Asia and became an African refugee. So the Christmas story is about an international migrant.” (Bakke 1997)


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