Preparing Church Planters in India and Nagaland!

Nagaland, a small state of India, nestled in the Himalayan foothills, is an anomaly for the region. Over 100 years ago, the people of Nagaland were headhunters until Baptist missionaries preached the gospel to them. Today, nearly 90 percent of the 2 million inhabitants of Nagaland are Christians.

Global Initiative recently had the privilege of offering a Jonah Initiative training in a new intercultural studies program at the Nagaland Bible College where students are preparing to be church planters. Dr. Senty Ao, the president of the college, has a tremendous vision to see thousands of missionaries sent from her school. This vision seems preposterous, but in light of the fact that over 1.5 million believers live in this small state, sending out thousands of missionaries is not inconceivable—and with God all things are possible!

Fulfilling this vision of sending thousands of church planters and missionaries from Nagaland Bible College will come with challenges, but God’s promises always come with challenges. Nevertheless, Jesus promised to build His church—even among Muslims—and nothing will stop it. It is so exciting to see the students at Nagaland Bible College catch the vision to
reach Muslims.
During the Jumaa Prayer time, it became very evident that the Nagaland students were catching the vision. The Spirit touched these somewhat reserved students during the time of intercession. They began to pray with great fervor and intensity as they cried out to the Lord on behalf of lost Muslims in Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and other nations.

We can easily forget that the majority of Muslims live in Asia! Nagaland is geographically postured to reach neighboring nations. There are many Muslims in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and even Thailand. Please join us in praying for this mission school, its leaders and students, and that the
vision God has placed in their hearts will be fulfilled!

Speaking of India, our Global Initiative team returned to Delhi to continue training at Central Bible College. God has opened the door for us to partner with them to provide annual training for their students as a regular part of their curriculum. Let me share a few of the students’ responses after the training.
One student said, “I feel more comfortable with Muslims now.” When we pause to reflect on how uncomfortable many Christians in the West are with Muslims, it makes us realize that the first step to sharing the gospel is being comfortable enough to interact. When anything is unknown to us
we experience a natural discomfort. During our teachings, we include an element of demystifying and humanizing Muslim men and women.

Another student expressed, “Now it is enjoyable for me to share about Christ.” When we lack knowledge about what Muslims believe and are unprepared to answer questions Muslims ask, it creates a level of discomfort. The Jonah Initiative training addresses these questions and prepares the students to share the gospel—and there is no greater joy than
sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Another student climbed over a common hurdle: “The gospel is for all nations and tribes, including Muslims.” People who live in Muslim majority nations often have difficulty seeing Muslims as spiritually lost and face the challenge of gaining God’s heart for them. Subliminally, Christians often think Muslims are excluded from the Great Commission. The students’ addendum of “including Muslims” emphasizes the reality that “whosoever will call on the name of the Lord shall be saved” (Acts 2:21)!

It is our privilege to partner with you to prepare the church to reach Muslims with the Gospel. Thank you for your consistent generosity and faithful prayers. Together it is making an eternal difference for many Muslims! We press on because every Muslim must know the Truth about Jesus!

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