Ministers and lay people being sent from El Salvador!

When we read the Book of Acts, we can certainly see that the Holy Spirit used the apostles of the Church. However, many of the stories we read about evangelistic witness involved lay people: business men and business women were effectively used in outreach.

We recently completed our annual Jonah Initiative training in San Salvador, El Salvador. Some folks are still

surprised about the connection of Latin America with the Islamic world. But more and more, El Salvador is transforming from being a receiving church to a sending church. One church in El Salvador has already sent 15 missionaries. They also have nearly 300 professional and business people that are willing to do business and serve in missions wherever the Lord sends them.

Our team at Global Initiative knows this is an additional key to seeing the Muslim world reached with the gospel. In many Islamic countries, it is difficult for Americans to get a visa or access.

While one of our Global Initiative trainers was preaching on this El Salvador trip, the Lord gave her a prophetic word that a torch is being passed to Latinos for missions to Muslims. This word was followed by a time of powerful intercession and divine impartation of the Spirit. Our trainers laid hands on and prayed for all students who had completed the training through the Jonah Initiative.

 Friends, we know that God moves through a praying church. The church in El Salvador is hungering for God and deeply desiring to be used by Him. Our trainers shared with us a touching example of how they desire to see God move in their midst. One student, Maria*, who is a powerful intercessor, is committed to praying for Muslims during Jumaa prayer. Maria also works in a bakery in her hometown. She took a bus 2 ½ hours each way to attend every day of our training. The Holy Spirit moves through people who hunger for God and desire to be used by Him!

You will be inspired by the commitment of Julio* as well. Julio and his wife, Isabella*, had served as missionaries in a very challenging Central Asian Muslim country. Sadly, Isabella became very ill and passed away. After some time of grief recovery, Julio still feels the call of the Lord. He will soon be returning to the Muslim country of his calling. The Holy Spirit is truly stirring the hearts of believers in El Salvador to reach Muslims.

Please know that your gift of any size — $10, $25, $50, $75, $100 or more — will be added to other gifts to help train workers in Latin America to be sent to the Muslim world.

Thank you for your faithfulness to pray, give and perhaps even go — across the street or across the world — to see a Muslim’s heart touched by the love of Christ! Every Muslim must know the truth about Jesus!

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