The Latin American Church Begins to Reach Muslims in their Midst!

“I would like to testify that the Lord has confirmed my call to minister to Muslims. I had been praying about this for one year and today the Lord has confirmed that call.”
The young woman who stated this was among 24 students during our first week of training in El Salvador.

For years the Lord has been calling Latin believers to serve as missionaries in Muslim majority countries. Now, the church in Latin America is recognizing the need to reach Muslims who are coming to their own countries. While we do not normally associate Latin America with the growth of Islam, Muslims, much like Christians who seek to fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission, are intent on spreading Islam around the world. They are committed to seeing everyone become a Muslim, or literally, “one who submits to Allah.”

This migration of Muslims to Latin America is not happening in large waves, but they are experiencing the slow and steady increase of Islam, as witnessed in Europe and now North America. For instance, we recently received word that Muslims are converting a number of tribal people along the coast of a South American country. Muslims are intent on proclaiming their Islamic beliefs!

Sharing the Good News of Jesus with Muslims in Europe, the U.S., and Latin America is still much easier than it is in their home countries. In this context of greater religious freedom, the church is seizing the opportunity to share the liberating message of Jesus and many Muslim people are accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior!

During the second week in El Salvador, 57 students received training focused on evangelism and discipleship of Muslims. One student said, “After the seminar, things ‘started to click’ regarding ministry to Muslims.” Another student shared a new-found hope for ministry to Muslims: “We have been hearing that ministry to Muslims can’t be done—it’s too hard, it’s impossible. This training gave us the confidence that, with God’s help, it can be done.”

As more Muslims come to faith in Christ, training is now placing a greater emphasis on discipleship. For many years, Global Initiative focused primarily on evangelism among Muslims. Now the need for discipleship is coming to the forefront. One of the sessions in El

Salvador was entitled, “Muslim Background Believers Thriving Spiritually.” Muslims who come to faith in Jesus must wrestle through issues of identity as they leave the Muslim community. The church must come alongside these believers and disciple them in the faith. This is a now a primary focus for our trainings around the world.

Muslims are coming to Jesus and Muslim Background Believers are being discipled!

Your willingness to pray and your commitment to give sacrificially enables Global Initiative to train leaders who can replicate our efforts and see many more Muslim lives changed for eternity. Thank you for your faithful commitment that allows us to fulfill the Great Commission by making sure every Muslim knows the truth about Jesus.

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