Jumaa Prayer Fellowship lives on!

Picture of David Irwin

In 1982, David Irwin was on a flight shortly after his appointment as the first director for the Center for Ministry to Muslims (now Global Initiative: Reaching Muslim Peoples). While on the flight, David became overwhelmed with a heaviness of heart and began to weep uncontrollably. It was so obvious that the flight attendant came to check on him! David recognized that the Holy Spirit was speaking to him; God made him realize that without intercessory prayer, the Gospel would never impact the Muslim world. He began to ponder how he could mobilize the church to participate in intercession for the salvation of Muslims.

At that very moment, the Holy Spirit showed David a plan for enlisting an army of intercessors! Jumaa is the Arabic word for Friday, and every Friday literally millions of Muslims go to their mosques for noon prayers. David felt God calling him to spearhead a fellowship of Christians who would covenant to fast the noon meal on Fridays and pray that Muslims would discover the reality of Jesus Christ! The result? Jumaa Prayer Fellowship was launched! Today, 38 years later, the Jumaa Prayer Fellowship conservatively includes over 60,000 people in 81 nations who fast and pray each Friday for Muslims around the world.

Here are a few testimonies from Jumaa Prayer Fellowship participants regarding the effect of fasting and prayer:

  • A missionary with over 30 years of experience working in a difficult Muslim country said, “Thank God for the Jumaa Prayer Fellowship. I witness that it is effective. Usually it takes years of careful witnessing to reach a Muslim, but I recently felt impressed to witness to a total stranger. In a very short time, he accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, and within moments, while still praying, he was wonderfully filled with the Holy Spirit and broke forth, speaking in tongues.”
  • Another missionary wrote, “I’m convinced that the reason why more Muslims are coming to Christ today is that there are many more Christians praying seriously, interceding for the Muslim world. Your ministry is pivotal.”
  • A missionary from the Middle East wrote, “Now we are seeing in one year what missionaries had never seen in a lifetime of hard work. Why now? I believe it is a result of those prayers and fasting. I want your readers to know that their prayers are breaking the once-barren ground.”
  • Jumaa Prayer Fellowship partner wrote, “In my prayer for Muslims, I have been blessed because I have given myself to intercession. I have found it easier to pray for my own family. I am also discovering a deeper, richer walk with God as a result of time spent in prayer for Muslims. Let me thank you for allowing me to join the Jumaa Prayer Fellowship.”

Friends, this is just a sample of the testimonies we hear from missionaries and prayer partners. Prayer makes a difference! When we commit to fast and pray, we see God move powerfully in the spiritual realm. It is defeating the powers of darkness, and the eyes of Muslims are being opened to the truth of Jesus Christ!”

Join the Jumaa Prayer Fellowship!

Thank you again for partnering with us through your sacrificial intercession and financial generosity. Because every Muslim must know the truth about Jesus, let us continue to “stand in the gap” so Muslims can hear the gospel and receive the gift of eternal life our Lord offers to all who believe in Him!

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