Forbidden Questions

Just the other day I had the privilege to listen to a Christian couple, formerly from Muslim background (CMB), share their testimony. One concept shared stuck out. It reinforced my understanding of the dilemma faced by many Muslims as they develop questions regarding Islam, its practice, beliefs and teachings. What was supported through the recounting of their personal experiences is that Islam is truly a religion of forced submission.

A Muslim is one who must submit. Christians often think that Muslims willfully follow Islam. Yet, with the proliferation of electronic media and current societal events, Muslims are having questions arise about Islam. This is forbidden in Islam! A good Muslim will not probe into whether Islam is truthful or its trustworthiness. They accept and follow that which their ancestors have handed down to them. For most, they were born Muslims. Personal choice had nothing to do with their “faith.”

This young man shared, that at the age of 20, he started to question some of the practices and beliefs with-in the Islamic faith. One practice in particular was that of the lifestyle of the prophet Muhammed. He wanted to know why Muhammed needed more than one wife. When he asked his father, he was quickly slapped! In essence – “we do not question – we submit!” The young man was perplexed. As a result of his father’s response the young man basically stopped practicing his faith. Another question he had, but refused to ask, was “Why can’t I have a personal relationship with God?”

A pastor, in their restricted access country, invited the husband to church. Eventually these unanswered questions and others lead this individual and his wife to consider Christianity. It was through suffering persecution that they came to the reality that Jesus was real. Our heavenly father spoke to them in the midst of their suffering with the affirmation that everything was going to be O.K.

Today, they are Christ Ambassadors reaching their native ethnicity with the gospel. They are answering the questions Muslims are forbidden to ask, but Christ died to answer.


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