Eye On… The U.S. – The Muslims in Our Neighborhoods

The best way to get to know anyone is through personal connection and effort, and we believe that deliberately connecting with the Muslims in your community can lead to rewarding new friendships and opportunities. The videos and articles linked below are no substitute for first-hand, individual knowledge! If you have, or are hoping to gain, a Muslim friend, perhaps the information below can serve as conversation starter.

“The immigrant experience is deeply ingrained in the fabric of Islam in America. Most U.S. Muslim adults (58%) hail from other parts of the globe, their presence in America owing largely to the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act that lowered barriers to immigration from Asia, Africa and other regions outside Europe. But the U.S.-born share of the American Muslim population is also considerable (42%). It consists of descendants of Muslim immigrants, converts to Islam (many of them black) and descendants of converts.”
Muslims in America: Immigrants and those born in U.S. see life differently in many ways

“In a series of three fascinating episodes, Islam in America explores the journey of three Muslim-American immigrants and tells the story of  their lives. Each episode was chosen to be filmed through an interview process to ensure that the full story of each individual was expressed clearly.”
Muslim Experiences in America : A Documentary Series

As you read, listen, and watch, remember that our experiences and perspectives could be the same, if it were not for the presence of Jesus in our lives. Our faith is not the result of any natural or cultural superiority… it’s the result of God’s grace! Let’s pray about sharing that grace with the Muslims in our neighborhoods.

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