Eye On… the U.S. – Our Response (part 3)

How can we, as individuals, make meaningful connections with the Muslims around us? Here are a few suggestions!

Consider hosting Muslim friends or colleagues in your home!
Middle Eastern cultures are known for their hospitality, and this can be a great way to show your new Muslim friends that they’re welcome. Be sure to consider food restrictions, cultural sensibilities regarding pets, and gender expectations when entertaining. For some in-depth guidance, check out “Hospitality’s Key Role in Reaching Muslims” in the 2015 September-October Intercede.

Consider “adopting” an exchange student for a semester!
Your local high schools and universities may offer opportunities for your family to bond with a foreign exchange student. You can invite the student to join you for holidays, family outings, and church events, while also offering a quiet place to study, and a guide to the intricacies of American life!

Consider participating in an ESL group.
As shown in yesterday’s post, participating in a language acquisition group can help build relationships with Muslims, and provide opportunities to discuss topics that might normally be difficult to bring up (like your faith). You may be able to find such a group by contacting a local university or civic center.

Consider visiting a mosque with your Jumaa Prayer Fellowship group!
Contacting a local mosque and asking for a tour can be a great way to make contact, but you’ll want to make sure that you’re respectful and aware of the mosque’s restrictions. Feel free to ask a mosque representative for guidance, and use the opportunity to pray for the Muslims who worship there.

We want to equip you to reach out to Muslims with wisdom and confidence! Our newest resource, “Journey to Understanding: Equipping Christians to Engage Muslims with Faith” is now available on Kindle.

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