Eye On… The U.S. – Our Response (part 1)

Following the 9/11 terror attacks, the general perception of Muslims in America shifted dramatically. Where prior to that day, we might not have feared Muslims anymore than any other group unfamiliar to us, following that day, we immediately believed them to be dangerous and capable of unimaginable atrocities. Although time has dulled the edge of that fear, it still exists, and many of us still struggle to balance that fear with faith.

We have, of course, seen and heard about many Muslims finding new faith in the United States. In fact, a valued member of the Global Initiative team is Muslim Background Believer who found Christ here! God has been working through His church to reach Muslims for centuries, and the events and struggles of the last few decades can’t stop what God has put into motion. However, we have to acknowledge that the focus of our local churches has frequently been on reaching those who are more like us, rather than reaching across what can be a vast religious and cultural divide.

This week, we’ll be looking at different ways that we, as individuals and members of Christian community, can reach out in love and understanding! As we dive into this topic, let’s be in prayer about our attitudes, preconceptions, and prejudices… let’s pray that God would use us, even as He teaches and changes us. We believe that the stronghold of Islam can’t withstand the love of God, and we want you to be empowered to radiate that love!

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