Eye On… the U.S. – Muslims Are Not Our Enemies

“I was absolutely shaking, sitting in the front seat of my minivan packed full of six girls.

Next to me sat a Muslim who I had just met five minutes previous. We were having a church roller skating event and I had decided to call and invite the international students from our local community college. Not only had this particular student said yes, but she also had asked for a ride.

I shook with fear because I was so out of my comfort zone. I had a couple of other Muslim friends, but none of them covered their heads with a hijab like she did. How much of her faith does she hold to? I wondered. What have I gotten myself into?    

It was interesting to watch the reactions of a room full of Christians when I arrived with my girls and a Muslim girl in tow. Some tried to hide their surprise, some were hospitable, and some stayed away. Regardless of their reactions, the truth was that it was somewhat uncomfortable because it was it was somewhat unknown.

It wasn’t every day that a Muslim showed up at a church gathering.”

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