Eye On… The U.S. – Making It Personal

We hope that you’re familiar with our prayer initiative, the Jumaa Prayer Fellowship. For decades, we have encouraged and guided believers to lift up Muslims in dedicated prayer every Friday. We know that God changes things when we pray, the least of which being our own hearts and minds!
Prayer is the foundation for everything that we do. However, it’s important to remember that God may be calling us to go farther and do more… to add feet to our faith. For those of us living in close proximity to Muslims, we should consider forging a personal connection, and if you need a little convincing, here are a few reasons why.

Living your witness strengthens your faith.
Our faith should saturate everything we do, but when we’re in relationship with others who don’t know Christ, we have to depend on the Holy Spirit in a new way! Letting the Spirit guide our interactions and conversation can not only bring our Muslims friends into a new understanding of what we believe, but it also reminds us of how much we need to lean on Him in our everyday lives.

Personally knowing a Muslim can change your perceptions of Muslims in general.
Pew Research shows that those who have personal relationships with Muslims have more positive feelings about Muslims. While we always want to remember the darkness of Islam, we also need to remember that Muslims are individuals with diverse lives and personalities, and building new friendships can be enriching and rewarding!

Missionaries and pastors can’t do it all!
Those who have been called to dedicate their lives to ministry are definitely heroes of the faith, but we’re all called to use what we have to further God’s kingdom. If we want to see Muslims reached, we have to accept our own personal responsibility and be open to moving out of our comfort zones. God wants to use your unique skills and strengths!

We want you to join us in prayer, and we’re thankful for those who have been partnering with us for years. We’ve seen incredible breakthroughs and victories as a results of the prayer of our partners, and we want to go deeper. What would it take for you to reach out to Muslims where you live?

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