Eye On… Islam: From Latin America to Afghanistan

After attending Bible college, Pablo met and married a wonderful woman who was a devout follower of Christ. Together, Pablo and his new wife felt God calling them to missionary service in Panama where they planted a church and started a Bible school.

During their time in Panama, Pablo met a community of Muslims from Afghanistan. But after the September 11, 2011 tragedy in New York City, Pablo developed a bitter resentment toward Muslims. Soon, though, the Holy Spirit convicted him of his unChristlike attitude, and his hatred was replaced with God’s love for Muslims.

When Pablo and his wife returned to their home country to itinerate, they were required to attend Global Initiative’s training for Muslim evangelism. At the time Pablo considered it a waste of time and money, but he later realized God had used that training to prepare them for their next place of ministry.

In 2012, God called Pablo and his wife to go to Afghanistan. During six months of service there, they helped to alleviate the suffering of the local people and handed out Bibles whenever possible. Today, they are hoping to be able to return to Afghanistan for long-term service.

What was it that changed Pablo’s heart toward Muslims?

Pablo didn’t talk himself out of his feelings. He didn’t reason his way into a love for Muslims. He allowed the Holy Spirit to work on his fear, anger, and resentment. That is what the Spirit can do with us: cleanse us, heal us, and transform us. As we pray for Latin America this week, let’s ask for our hearts to be open and our attitudes pliable. Let’s allow God to change us!

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