Eye On… Islam: The History of Islam in Latin America

A few weeks ago, we shared the history of the Islamic kingdom of Al-Andalus in Spain during the Middle Ages. Over the centuries, the Arabic and Spanish cultures merged in a number of ways, and a portion of the Spanish language melded with Arabic, producing the Castilian dialect. When the Spanish and the Portuguese colonized what became Latin America in the 15th century, much of the blended DNA came with them and, although the religion of Islam was not transplanted, the commonalities in the two cultures remained. Muslims began to immigrate to Brazil and Argentina in the 1920’s. Mosques were built, and the legacy of Islam was passed down through the new generations.

The roots of Islam in Latin culture has helped create an Islamic revival in Latin America, which we’ll discuss in our next post. As we learn more about the history of Islam, let’s pray that history will not overrule eternal truth, and our God, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever will use this history to bring about His kingdom!



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