Eye on… Islam: The Growth of Islam in Latin America

Over the past several years, Latin Americans have comprised the largest group of converts to Islam. Predominantly Catholic countries are seeing rapid conversion, and many have attributed this growth to their shared history during the Golden Age of Islam, while some seem to be seeking a more holistic experience, or a stronger connection to a religious community.


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Whatever the reason for each individual conversion, our trainers have held several Jonah Initiative trainings in various Latin American countries to equip and empower Christians to reach the growing Muslim population. Whatever it is that these new converts are seeking, it is our responsibility to share that the answers are found in Christ!

Join us in praying for the church in Latin America, that they would serve the Muslim community, whether emigrated or converted, with boldness and love! Let’s pray that those who are seeking connection will encounter someone who knows the truth, and that the past connections between Islam and Latin America would hold no fascination or power.

Islam in Latin America


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