Eye On… Islam: Our Choice

As Islam grows throughout the world, the Church has had three reactions.

Some have reacted with fear and anger, believing that the advance of Islam will herald the death of God’s kingdom. We demand that “they” go home and refuse to interact. We view them with suspicion.

Some have reacted with indifference, believing that they have no responsibility to engage with Muslims. We close the doors of our churches and hearts. We take refuge in our own salvation and do not concern ourselves with the spiritual death of those outside.

Some have reacted with hope! We pray that God will break the yoke of Islam. We recognize the deception and know that, but for God’s grace, we could also have been deceived. We see the need and pray for God to use us.

The difference between these three reactions is not anything more than a God-given willingness to serve whenever… and wherever… and whomever, and God will meet us where we are to impart those desires. For both our sakes and the sake of our lost Muslim friends, we have to be willing to let God change us, mold us, and use us.

God is moving among Muslims! He has a plan and He will see His will done. We have a choice as to whether we will work for Him and join in His victory.

Thanks for joining us for Eye On… Islam! Join us as we pray for Muslims every week with the Jumaa Prayer Fellowship! If you missed a post or two, you can find them below.

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