Eye On… Islam: New Brothers and Sisters in Europe

“My biggest challenge has been the attitude of some of the people within the church,” says Smith. “I have had a lot of opposition. Criticism, negative attitudes and trying to undermine the work that we are doing – that’s from the white British congregation.”

The quote above is from Rev. Sally Smith, who has been ministering to Muslim refugees in Stoke-on-Trent, and has seen a dramatic restructuring in her congregation as a result. Several sources, including our colleagues in Europe confirm that Muslims are coming to Christ at an unprecedented rate, but some also report that some convert to ensure that they’ll receive asylum, and while some Christians have recognized the incredible opportunity and have received these new brothers and sisters, others have reacted with fear.

Can God still reach those who have converted for asylum? Is it our place to question the validity of anyone’s salvation, or should we walk in faith and prayer, extending a warm welcome in Jesus’ name?

Are we too comfortable with the status quo at church? Would we be willing to welcome Muslims  to our place of worship, whether they’re from next door or from the Middle East?

We believe that God has a magnificent plan for Europe and the Muslims who live there, and we know that God will accomplish His plans, even if His people respond like Jonah. Let’s be willing and eager to see God’s kingdom advance among Muslims in every context, and let’s continue to pray over Europe!


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