Eye On… Islam: Muslims in Asia Pacific

“On February 14, 2009, the Lord captured me.”

This is the testimony of Hakim*, who was a devout Muslim until he had an encounter with Christ in an Indonesian village.

Hakim had suffered from chronic bronchitis since birth, which continued to grow worse. He coughed non-stop from 6 to 9 p.m. every night. Seeking help, he went to visit a Muslim healer but was not cured. On that February day, Hakim’s motor scooter engine “happened” to die in front of his wife’s former teacher’s house. She and her husband are Christians and they invited Hakim into their home.

Hakim was very uneasy, until the husband began to sing in their native tongue of Bahasa to Jesus, “There is no one like You, who loves me so much.” Hakim prayed aloud, “Allah, no matter how I worship you, I want to be healed and forget this problem.” Hakim closed his eyes and saw a light coming closer and closer. The light was in the form of a hand, and a voice said, “You are mine, follow me.” 

Hakim shook his head saying, “No,” but the light grew brighter and brighter, and the voice said this time, “I am Isa Al-Masih [Jesus Christ] that is in the Quran you believe in.”

In his heart Hakim was rebelling, saying, “I don’t believe in Al-Masih, I believe in Muhammad.” But the light was now brighter and the voice was softer and gentler, saying, “You are mine, follow Me.” Hakim had the sensation that he was being lifted up by the Lord. He knew then that Jesus would be his source of healing for his body and soul. Finally, Hakim said, “Yes, Isa, I will follow You.”

Hakim spent the next seven days in fasting and prayer, during which time the Lord gave him many worships songs.

Hakim and Nadia* are Spirit-empowered evangelists, now reaching Muslims with the gospel in their Indonesian village and beyond.


We shared Hakim’s story with you a few years ago, after he and his wife, Nadia, attended a Jonah Initiative training in Indonesia. In the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, we have evidence that God is reaching out to the lost! We’ve heard reports of dreams and visions, but local Christians are also boldly proclaiming the truth of Christ to their Muslim neighbors.

This week, we’ll be taking a look at the state of Islam in Asia Pacific and how God is advancing His Kingdom! You can follow along here or sign up for Eye On… emails! If you’ve missed our previous posts, you can check them out below!

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