Eye On… Islam: Sharing Christ with Our Neighbors!

“The love of a Christian couple” is what brought Sarawut* and Malee* and their children, a Muslim family in Thailand, to understand the gospel and accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.

A Christian couple, Niwat* and Sinee*, attended the training and told us the story of how they had reached out to their Muslim neighbors, Sarawut and Malee. They didn’t hound them. Instead, they took advantage of every opportunity the Spirit provided to share the truth about Jesus. Through Niwat and Sinee’s love and compassion, Sarawut and Malee saw the love of Christ.

While facing a difficult financial and emotional crisis, they came to Niwat and Sinee asking for prayer. Shortly afterward, Sarawut and Malee and their four children came to the Assemblies of God church where Niwat and Sinee attend. Together, as a family, they made the decision to follow Christ.

In a 2008 study conducted by Fuller Theological Seminary, the primary reason why the 750 Muslim surveyed converted to Christianity was because of the lifestyle and the love displayed by the Christians they knew. While we marvel at the dreams and visions given to Muslims by God, and we enjoy hearing of the dramatic interventions that God uses, He still chooses to primarily use His people to reach the lost! It is our responsibility and privilege to share Christ with our Muslim neighbors, like Niwat and Sinee did, and we believe that God will empower and equip us to accomplish His work!



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