“Enormous Global Impact”

This year’s #2020 Campaign is focusing on the work of Say Hello: Serving Muslim Women! Come back every day this month for guest posts and videos highlighting their ministry!

Our big dream responds to the gargantuan gap that exists between Muslim women and the truth about Jesus. Say Hello is creating an online community platform that will more effectively resource Christian women for relating Christ to Muslim women. It is web-based, but our ultimate goal will be to provide an app that will be a hub for networking Christian women whose shared experiences will increase capacity for fruitful outreach.

We want to create secure, sacred space where God can grow our courage, our love for Jesus and Muslim women, and our effectiveness as we lead Muslim women to Jesus and help to disciple them into mature faith.

This dream has capacity for enormous global impact. Thank you for being willing to dream with us, as we rely upon and labor with the Holy Spirit to make it a reality.

Because every Muslim woman must know the truth about Jesus.

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