Dear Nabeel

Your years upon this earth were only thirty four

All of us who knew you, wished they had been more

The days of your journey were like those of Christ our Lord

Now you have been gathered to the One you have adored


For us from Muslim background, you were a shining light

Of how Christ delivered us, from our spiritual night

You served Him bravely to the end, it seemed you never tired

You left behind a growing throng of those you have inspired


We pray others will follow you, to take up Jesus’ call

To lay down everything for Christ, who is our all in all.

Thank you, dear Nabeel, you have led the way

And brought back many sheep who had gone astray


Nabeel, we weep not for you, you are with the Lord

Yet we weep for ourselves; your face we’ll see no more.

But this is only temporary, one day we’ll meet again.

That will be forever. Well done. And thanks, dear friend.

Nabeel Qureshi’s memorial service will be at 10:00 CST tomorrow from Houston First Baptist. You can watch the live-streamed service from the church’s website.

7 Responses to “Dear Nabeel”

  1. Lynda Hausfeld says:

    Nicely said, Fred.

  2. David Woodworth says:

    Thank you for sharing this!

    Dios lo bendiga en todo.

  3. Donna Krstulovich says:

    Thank you, Fred for your beautiful poem.

    It is with a profound sense of loss that we say goodbye to Nabeel Qureshi. Nabeel was an ambassador for Jesus Christ who touched Muslims and Christians alike with his life, passion, and message of truth about the gospel. During debates with Muslim scholars, he spoke with authority and sincerity, his smile disarming them even when he spoke about the most controversial subjects. Nabeel’s brilliance, honesty, and respectfulness shine through. His two books Seeking Allah Finding Jesus and No God but One, are a treasure for both the body of Christ and for Muslims, written from the perspective of an insider who fully understands through his own experience.

    Nabeel’s vlogs over the last year as he was fighting cancer, reveal the heart of a man who sought God through his word for what He was saying to him through this unexpected journey. He believed that God could heal him right to the end but he put his trust in His sovereign loving heavenly Father who is able and he rested in that.

    In his last vlog, Nabeel said that in his ministry “there have been a lot of details about the looking into the truth about Islam and Christianity and looking into the Quran and the Hadith and the Bible and Jesus and Muhammad etc. I think it is very important that we discuss matters of truth but at the end of the day that is supposed to be undergirded by love and by peace. When we talk to people about our beliefs we should do it through a lens of love and the whole point should be to bring people together to the truth and not to hurt one another but to help one another.”

    May these parting words of our dear brother motivate us all to share the truth about Jesus with Muslims through a lens of love.

  4. Ashar Nadeem says:

    We miss you a lot you introduce Christ very simply which was awesome. Hope we all will see you.
    Jesus Christ is the ultimate hope for the lost world.

  5. Mark Hausfeld says:

    Very well said.

    As I watched the funeral I lamented why the Lord would allow Nabeel to die. The Holy Spirit reminded me that when Elijah lamented that he was alone as a prophet the Spirit of God told him,

    “Yet I will leave seven thousand in Israel, all the knees that have not bowed to Baal, and every mouth that has not kissed him.””
    ‭‭1 Kings‬ ‭19:18‬ ‭ESV‬‬

    Nabeel is a model of thousands of Muslim convert that the Holy Spirit is raising up to teach and proclaim the gospel to 1.6 billion Muslims who are coming to Christ as never before in history. We are sad but, the greatest days are before us. Muslim convert to the Jesus of the Bible will lead the way. Unless a seed dies…

  6. Mariel Ramirez says:

    Thank you for sharing this…

  7. Glen Smith says:

    A great tribute. The loss of spiritual giants is hard yet the kingdom moves forward. God be praised for the work of redemption in our brother’s life.

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