Beyond Cuba to the Ends of the Earth!

“You have been a huge encouragement to us this week. It was a fruitful time, and we learned so much we had not been aware of.”

I am excited to tell you that believers in the Cuba Assemblies of God are responding to the call of God to take the gospel to Muslims in their country… and to Muslims in other parts of the world.


Thanks to your monthly gifts, Global Initiative is impacting the Muslim world with the gospel by training these believers through the Jonah Initiative.

Some of our team members recently returned from training sessions in Cuba. Nearly 200 Cuban believers, in two separate training locations, came eager to learn how to more effectively share the gospel with Muslims and minister to them.

Muslims are also coming to Cuba. Some are international students that come to study at the universities. One participant in our training session testified that her family had sort of “adopted” a student from Mauritania. He frequently visited in her family’s home and even attended church with them. They had many opportunities to witness to him before he returned to his home country. They continue to pray for his salvation!

We know that Cuban believers are passionate about prayer, and they highly persevere when it comes to making a stand for Christ. What a great opportunity for the church to reach Muslim students with the gospel, and then pray that they will carry that good news back to friends and family in their countries!

The 200 Cuban believers were trained recently because of the faithful giving of people like you who understand the urgent need to reach Muslim peoples with the truth of the gospel of Christ.

One of the training locations was in Guantanamo Province, just a few miles from the famous Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, where notorious Muslim terrorists continue to be held.

What took place in that geographical area was symbolic of the spiritual struggle between darkness and light. Within a stone’s throw from where the enemy was being held captive physically, believers in Christ were being prepared to help set captives spiritually free! It reminds us of how God called Jonah to go to the people of Nineveh, whom Jonah considered to be his enemy, and proclaim His truth to them.

Because of monthly support from you and many friends of Global Initiative: Reaching Muslim Peoples, we have traveled to Cuba and trained believers for Muslim ministry for the past few years. That’s why we were not surprised to learn that God is now calling believers from the Cuba Assemblies of God to take the gospel to the Muslim world beyond Cuba and to the ends of the earth.

Together, we’re helping to train and send workers to impact the Muslim world with the gospel. Each Jonah Initiative training session costs an average of $7,500, and your gift today will help make it possible for our Jonah Initiative teams to conduct training sessions soon in Albania, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Philippines, and more locations we cannot name for security reasons.

You may not be able to give $7,500 to sponsor an entire Jonah Initiative training session. But if 100 friends gave $75 each, the financial need for the next training would be met. Your gift of any size — $10, $25, $50, $75, $100 or more — will be added to other gifts to help train workers for Muslim ministry in Albania, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Philippines and more!

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  1. John Koski says:

    That is wonderful news that Mark shared about Cuban believers wanting to reach Muslims.

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