The Case of Ali

This update has been submitted by Global Initiative colleagues working with refugees in Europe. Names and details have been sensitized to protect those involved. Please join us in prayer for these refugees and those ministering to them. 

This is the case of Ali, a 22 years old young man. Ali was brought to us by Mohammed whom we helped with legal information. Mohammed found Ali after he had been sleeping on a bench for a week. He took him to his house that was rented for a few days.

When Ali was brought to us, we saw that he was suffering from severe depression and suicidal thoughts. His whole behavior was like he was numb in his body, mind and soul. The doctors were confirming this awful situation, and he was left to continue sleeping in the park! We offered to arrange an appointment with an organization who offers doctors that specialize in his type of situation. Ali answered, “I am very tired of going from one organization to another. I can not. I only want to sleep somewhere.”  Even looking at him, we could see that his situation was really critical. We decided to put both Ali and Mohammed in a hotel and then to send Ali to a private doctor with the help of our interpreter. And this is how it all started with Ali and us.

The doctor testified that his situation was really dangerous and that Ali had a very high risk of committing suicide due to the unbearable pain he had been through. Ali had lost both of his parents when a bus they were traveling in exploded due to a bomb. He was asked to recognize the bodies of his parents, but there were only small bits of body parts to see. He was a student to the law school at the time.

We walked with Ali day by day and week by week. Overseeing his medicines, having an open communication with the doctor, encouraging him, praying with him, assuring him that we would still provide for his accommodation, providing friendship and the family atmosphere he had lost. And then, one day he had a dream. “I saw my mom putting a cross over my neck.”  So he said to himself, “I must talk to John (one of our staff he had met). I must learn more about Christ. I must become a Christian.” A week later, we led Ali to Jesus. I believe there are no words to describe the joy of our heart. Only a couple of days ago, we found the funding and he was placed in a house along with two more men who have been homeless for a few months but still diligently volunteering with us. Now he comes and he asks “What can I do to help?” He organizes the donated shoes for the distribution and he waters the plants. He is taking language lessons. He attends the Bible studies day after day. He still has a long way to go as the trauma is so, so deep.  But he is healing, day by day.
Please pray for him, for total healing, for the Holy Spirit to protect him during all the long and sleepless nights he goes through, for new hope and roots. May he see the complete miracle of God’s restoration plan in his life.

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