Building Christ-like Friendships with Muslim Women!

This year’s #2020 Campaign is focusing on the work of Say Hello: Serving Muslim Women! Come back every day this month for guest posts and videos highlighting their ministry!

A Devotional Guide
Four years ago, Say Hello created a 1-week devotional booklet called Say Hello: A Guide to Building Christ-Like Friendships with Muslim Women. We have distributed thousands of these. 

We invite you to prayerfully read this introductory passage: 

Have you ever considered that the Muslim women in our communities are our neighbors for a divine reason?  God wants to show himself Lord to them through Christian women everywhere.

In Acts 17:26-27, the Apostle Paul reminds today’s church that God made the nations, and He set the times and places where they live … so that humankind might seek Him and reach out to Him and find Him.

This one-week challenge will help you find answers to some foundational questions about your Muslim neighbor, your spiritual path toward friendship with her, and how that path can mean Heaven for her.  It will help you to see her with your physical eyes and through the eyes of Christ who loves her and yearns to bless her through you.

We pray that God gives you courage and joy as you open your heart to your Muslim neighbor.  May your initial hello bless you and her with loving, Christ-like friendship that exudes His presence and the Holy Spirit’s transformational power for God’s glory, forever.”

The full complementary devotional can be found here. You may request your free hardcopy here.

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