20th Anniversary! Our Latest Jonah Initiative Training in Baguio!

Twenty years ago Islam did not have the global consciousness it has now. The terrorist attacks in New York City in September 2001 definitely brought it to the forefront. Today, we find a strong presence of Islam in nearly every corner of our world and that includes the Muslim-populated countries of Asia.

It is evident to us on this 20-year anniversary of The Jonah Initiative training in Baguio, Republic of the Philippines, that Global Initiative leaders were sensitive to God’s leading in 1997. They took the initiative at that time to make Baguio an annual event to train workers for Muslim ministry across Asia.

Thanks to the faithful monthly support of friends like you, Global Initiative has been able to continue that annual training in Baguio for 20 years. During those two decades, scores of men and women have come from countries throughout Asia to receive training on how to reach Muslims for Christ and have eagerly returned to their respective countries to implement what they learned.

Today, we are encouraged by the impact of those years of training; we receive many reports of the Holy Spirit moving in the hearts of Muslims across Asia in extraordinary ways.

At this year’s training in Baguio, 25 men and women participated. I want to share with you just two stories — about a couple and a single woman who attended.

The couple, Fardin and Zarat *, came to the training from a highly restrictive Muslim nation in Asia. **

They told us how missionaries came to their homeland several years ago, and through the missionaries’ Spirit-empowered witness both Fardin’s and Zarat’s fathers came to faith in Christ.

The fathers did so at great risk and experienced rejection from their broader communities. But through their strong faith, those two fathers remained committed to Christ. Fardin’s father, who is now in his 80s, continues to give witness of Christ and to be persecuted for his faith.

As a result of their fathers’ faith, Fardin and Zarat not only gave their lives to Christ but also now sense God’s call to minister to Muslims. They have become part of a vibrant house church network.

The Spirit’s anointing clearly rests upon Fardin and Zarat. The Lord has already used them through powerful witness to see at least 80 former Muslims accept Christ and follow Him in water baptism.

Alysha*, a former Muslim, came to the Baguio training from a country near China. She told us that for several years a close friend, a Christian, shared Jesus with her and invited her to church, but Alysha kept saying no. She feared her family’s rejection.

Finally, Alysha accepted her friend’s invitation, reached out to know Christ and was filled with His peace and forgiveness. In spite of the fact that her family has rejected her, Alysha is now responding to the Lord’s call to take the gospel to her mother’s people, the unreached people group of the Uighurs.

These are brief stories of just three of the 25 participants in this year’s training. Can you see how the Spirit is uniquely bringing Muslims into the Kingdom and then calling them to their own people? Powerful!

The Jonah Initiative training in Baguio and several other locations throughout Asia has prepared and is preparing many former Muslims to share their newfound faith in Christ in their countries.

Thank you for your continued faithful partnership to help train former Muslims such as Fardin, Zarat and Alysha. Imagine the impact they and the 22 other young men and women who came to Baguio this year can have in reaching Muslims with the truth about Jesus!

You may not be able to give $7,500 today to sponsor an entire Jonah Initiative training session like the one in Baguio. But if you and 99 more friends can give $75 each, the financial need for the next training will be met.

Please know that your gift of any size — $10, $25, $50, $75, $100 or more — will be added to other gifts to help train workers for Muslim ministry throughout Asia and the world.

Thank you again for your generosity, prayers and personal witness to see Muslims have the opportunity to know the truth about Jesus!

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