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Resolve to Be in Prayer! January Prayer Spotlight: Change the Map

Happy New Year! For many of us, this is a time to evaluate our goals and set new ones. This year, we are resolving to engage more Christians in the work of interceding for those who are lost. The heart and focus of Global Initiative is for Muslims to know the truth about Jesus, but we also desire to see people of every nationality and religion come to that same saving knowledge! We also want to take the time to highlight intercessory prayer ministries that are lifting up various groups around the world because, as we pray, God increases our…

Coffee Break Announcement!

Global Initiative Coffee Break is taking a… coffee break? Terrible jokes aside, we’re taking a seasonal hiatus, so if you haven’t subscribed, now is a great time to do so! You’ll want to make sure that you stay connected so you won’t miss out when we come back. As always, thanks for listening, and we’ll have more Coffee Breaks together soon!  

The Case of Ali

This update has been submitted by Global Initiative colleagues working with refugees in Europe. Names and details have been sensitized to protect those involved. Please join us in prayer for these refugees and those ministering to them.  This is the case of Ali, a 22 years old young man. Ali was brought to us by Mohammed whom we helped with legal information. Mohammed found Ali after he had been sleeping on a bench for a week. He took him to his house that was rented for a few days. When Ali was brought to us, we saw that he was suffering from severe depression and suicidal…

Responding to Tragedy

-reposted with permission from Mike and Cara Tyler‘s missionary newsletter. I wanted to send a nice Christmas greeting this month, but after Monday night, I feel the need to send a different message. I usually share a pleasant story that illustrates what’s happening in our ministry, but tonight I had to take a different route. I’m sure you’ve heard about the terror attack in Berlin. A man killed a Polish truck driver, stole his 18-wheeler, and used it to plow into a crowded outdoor Christmas market; killing and injuring many. We heard the news at about 9pm last night –…

30 Days of Prayer – starting June 6, 2016!

Ramadan begins on June 6, 2016, and we’ll be praying along with the 25th annual “30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World” from! You can download an abbreviated copy here, or you can order the complete booklet from

Going Deeper – GI Coffee Break Show Notes

The World In West County (3 part series) Part 1: Interested in connecting with a Chi Alpha missionary? Check your university campus for a local chapter! If you want to build a relationship with a Muslim international student, you’ll want to read Hospitality’s Key Role in Reaching Muslims for some basic tips. Part 2: Mark mentioned that Muslim women often seem more open to conversation and friendship. Guess what, ladies? There’s a ministry for that! Say Hello: Serving Muslim Women is a growing community of women that are learning together how to pray and serve Muslim women. Pastor Jared referenced a story about a St….

Refugees in Macedonia are finding hope!

Our colleagues in Macedonia are representing the hands and feet of Jesus to over 3000 refugees every day. Read more here!

Celebrating the lives changed in 2015!

As we’re looking forward the coming year, we’re thanking God for the Muslims who are celebrating life in Christ this Christmas! Check out our latest update!

GI Current – Paris and the European Refugee Effort

We’re interviewing our representative in Europe, Craig Mathison, LIVE today at 2pm! Join in below: Did you miss the live stream? You can catch the video on our YouTube channel! Here are the resources Mark mentioned in the broadcast: An Appeal For a Realistic View of Islam Visit for weekly prayer requests Download the Jumaa Prayer Fellowship app

Changing Lives Through Literacy!

“And when they give the book to one who cannot read, saying, ‘Read this,’ he says, ‘I cannot read.” Isaiah 29:12 (ESV) The verse above is the key Scripture for the Woman Urdu Literacy program that operates in the bastees (slums) of Islamabad, Pakistan. We introduced you to this program last November, and asked for your financial help in launch the first training, set to begin this past February. Thanks to your generosity, 72 students successfully completed the six-month training in July, and another training will begin in October! The classes teach basic literacy and math, and Biblical literature is…

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